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Marc Tessier-Lavigne

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About Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Pioneering neuroscientist, biotech executive and academic leader, Marc Tessier-Lavigne became Stanford Universityā€™s eleventh president in September 2016.

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Posts by Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Envisioning Stanfordā€™s future

At the annual meeting of the Academic Council, Provost Drell and I presented a high-level vision for Stanfordā€™s future, building on the input of many hundreds of people from across the university community over the last year. Weā€™re excited to share this vision with our community. We believe it reflects the optimistic, pioneering, energetic spirit of a community eager to strengthen Stanfordā€™s foundations and to expand its contributions.

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Notes from the Quad: An update on campus historical names

I'm writing to update the campus community on the Advisory Committee on the Use of Historical Names on Campus. I met with the committee on Monday to get an update on its progress. Yesterday, a group of students concerned about the process voiced their views in a campus march, and I met with representatives of the group last evening. I respect their views, and I want to discuss here how we intend to move forward and bring the process to conclusion.

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