History of Stanford Presidents

Marc Tessier-Lavigne became Stanford University’s eleventh president on September 1, 2016.
1891-1913 David Starr Jordan
1913-1915 John Casper Branner
1916-1943 Ray Lyman Wilbur1
1943-1948 Donald B. Tresidder2
1949-1968 J. E. Wallace Sterling3
1968-1970 Kenneth S. Pitzer
1970-1980 Richard W. Lyman
1980-1992 Donald Kennedy
1992-2000 Gerhard Casper
2000-2016 John Hennessy 4
2016- Marc Tessier-Lavigne

1 Robert Eccles Swain served as acting president from 1929-1933.

Alvin Eurich and Clarence H. Faust served as acting presidents between Tresidder and Sterling.

Robert J. Glaser served as acting president between Sterling and Pitzer.

John Etchemendy served as acting president from Feb. 14 – June 8, 2012.