‘Stanford Magazine’ columns

Accelerating Stanford’s Impact

November 19, 2019
A new institutional vision offers fresh opportunities for learning and research.

Home Improvement

September 1, 2019
‘Neighborhoods’ will enhance undergraduate residential experience.

The Stanford Arts Renaissance

July 1, 2019
New additions join strong traditions in a vibrant artistic community.

Focusing on What Matters

May 1, 2019
This spring’s admissions fraud scheme poses challenges for higher education.

Promoting Sustainable Solutions

March 1, 2019
Experts navigate a critical moment in energy and climate science.

How Alumni Helped Affirm Our Vision

December 4, 2018
Two years of input validated our priorities.

Deepening Our Global Imprint

September 1, 2018
An ideal moment to reexamine Stanford’s engagement around the world.
Stanford Magazine, July 2018

Setting a Vision

July 1, 2018
A collaborative process leads to priorities for navigating a dynamic future.

Home Grown

May 9, 2018
True to its roots, Stanford seeks to strengthen community bonds.
Stanford Magazine - March 2018

Why Higher Education Matters

March 28, 2018
Our success depends on increasing access, fostering openness and serving society.